7 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid


Moving can be an exciting time. It can also be a stressful and overwhelming experience. To make your move go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to be aware of the common mistakes people make when moving and to take steps to avoid them.

In this article, we’ll cover seven of the most common moving mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1.  Not giving yourself enough time.

Not giving yourself enough time is a common moving mistake to avoid. It’s important to plan your move in advance and allow yourself plenty of time.

If you don’t give yourself enough time, you may not be able to secure the best movers in Calgary or find the right supplies for the job. You may also find yourself rushing to pack and organize your belongings, which can be stressful and lead to mistakes.

It’s best to hire professional Calgary movers who have the experience and resources to make your move efficient and stress-free. They will be able to give you the necessary goods as well as assist you in planning your relocation ahead of time.

2.  Not purging before packing.

Not purging before packing is a common moving mistake to avoid.

When packing up your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have and just start throwing it all into boxes. However, this can lead to a lot of unnecessary items being taken to your new home.

Before packing, it’s important to go through all of your belongings and decide what you really need to keep and what can be donated or thrown away. This will help to reduce the number of items you need to move and make the process much smoother.

Additionally, it can help to save money on moving costs since you won’t be paying to transport items you don’t need.

3.  Not labeling boxes

Not labeling boxes is a common mistake that should be avoided when hiring local Calgary movers.

Not labeling boxes can lead to a lot of confusion and can cause a lot of stress when it comes to unpacking. It is important to label each box with a description of what it contains and the room it is intended for. This will help the movers in Calgary to deliver the items accurately and efficiently to the correct room upon arrival.

Labeling boxes will also help the movers to keep the items organized and prevent any potential damage to the items during the move. Taking the extra time to label each box will save a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

4.  Not taking inventory

Not taking inventory is a common moving mistake that should be avoided. The best movers in Calgary will provide a comprehensive inventory of all items being moved. This is important for tracking the relocation of your belongings and ensuring that nothing is lost or damaged during the move.

Additionally, it can help to provide an accurate assessment of the cost of the move and provide evidence of any items that may have been damaged during the move. Taking inventory of your items is a simple step that can save you time and money in the long run.

5.  Not hiring professional movers.

Not hiring professional movers is a common moving mistake to avoid.

Moving is a stressful process, and it can be made much easier if you hire a professional moving company. Calgary movers specialize in providing the best service and can help you safely move your belongings. They are experienced and know how to properly pack and transport your items. Furthermore, they provide insurance for any damage that may occur during the move.

By hiring the best movers in Calgary, you can trust that your move will be done safely and efficiently. Professional movers can save you time and stress and help ensure that your move is successful.

6.  Not preparing for the unexpected.

Not preparing for the unexpected is a common moving mistake to avoid.

Moving companies in Calgary can provide you with the necessary resources and materials to help you plan for your move, but it’s important to also be prepared for any surprises that may come your way. It’s important to have a plan for how you will handle unexpected delays or costs, as well as how you will manage any additional items that you may need to move.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the possibility of inclement weather or other external factors that could affect your move. By being prepared for the unexpected, you can ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

7.  Not updating your address.

Not updating your address is a common moving mistake to avoid.

When you move to a new home, it is important to update your address with all relevant parties, such as the post office, your bank, credit card companies, insurance companies, and any other organizations with whom you do business. Failing to do so can result in delays in receiving important items, such as bills or packages, and can even cause you to miss out on important notifications.

Additionally, not updating your address could lead to identity theft if your mail is sent to the wrong address. To ensure you do not make this mistake, take the time to update your address with all relevant parties before you move.


Moving can be quite stressful, and the last thing you want to do is make a mistake that will cause you grief later. Knowing some of the common mistakes to avoid when moving, like not having an accurate inventory list or not properly packing up fragile things, can help make your move smoother and less stressful.

With these common mistakes avoided, you can begin a new chapter in your life with relief and peace of mind.

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