Tips and Tricks for Packing Boxes Securely

Shipping your items safely during a move is really important, you need to make sure nothing breaks down and everything reaches your new place in one peace. May your move is in the same town or across the country, your first priority should be safely packing the boxes. 

Shipping items is not an easy job, especially if you’re doing a whole move by your own. You are going to ship different materials with different sizes. Your boxes are going to hold breakables and plastics and making sure that they are safe and sound inside the boxes should be your priority. 

The Most Common Types of Boxes Used in Shipping 

  • Paper Board Boxes 
  • Chipboard Boxes 
  • Corrugated Boxes 
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Picture Boxes
  • Tote Containers
  • Liquor Bottle Boxes 

Categorize The Boxes 

To make sure that everything is well packed, you need to categorize the boxes. Packing the breakables, hard objects, plastics, sharp items, and papers is important. It will help you in having a more organized moving experience with your House Movers Calgary

How to categorize?

Size Of Boxes 

In larger boxes, you should place papers, books, and plastic materials. You should not force things in a box, it can make the box weak and can cause damage to the materials that are present inside the box.


  • Type Of Thing Inside The Box 

The type of material that goes into the box matters too, you should keep breakables and sharp objects away from each other. This will help you keep your mirrors, plates, and other decorative items safe. 

  • Weight Of The Product

 When categorizing, you should keep the heavy products away. You are going to need crates or even specialized boxes for them so you can make sure that they are held or stored properly inside the boxes. 

Tips in Packing

  • Choose The Best Box 

When buying a box, you should go with old boxes that are available to buy at your local liquor store or grocery store. Don’t buy the new one, they will be expensive. If you want a strong and sturdy box, we suggest you buy a box from a liquor store. 

  • Add Padding In The Boxes

If you want to add an extra layer of security inside your boxes, you can add padding in your boxes. You can use old fluffy towels or other padding supplies. They will help you keep your belongings safe even if you accidentally drop them. 

  • Use A Wrapper 

If you are going on a long ride, you should wrap your boxes so they could stay strong and safe throughout the trip. We suggest you use a wrapper on boxes that hold fragile items such as kitchen utensils, mirrors, glass decorative items, and many more. 

  • Label The Boxes 

You should pack each box so you won’t have a hard time finding our items. You can also add a floor plan on each box, this will allow you or the people that are helping you to know where the box belongs in your new house.

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