Tips for Relocating to New Location

There is a requirement at times to change the location of your business when the business is expanding and you have no choice but to move to a better more spacious business address. Additionally, there is a requirement for a professional relocation service while moving to a new location in this scenario.

We provide professional services under these scenarios and ensure you are able to completely set-up the office at a new location with all the objects moved properly to the new place. We realize the importance of time and provide relevant relocation services accordingly. As Calgary professional movers we are well respected in our professional community and people find it convenient to reach out to us for moving services.

As part of relocating to the new place, you may end up facing a period of chaos, disruption and loss of productivity. We help entrepreneurs overcome these bottlenecks and are sharing additional details of effective ways for comfortable moving services in Calgary and for the steps that will be helpful in relocation.

Effective and Productive Negotiation

It’s important to negotiate effectively to get a favourable lease or purchase agreement for space. Also, be sure to surround yourself with the right team of commercial real estate advisors. In particular, a good commercial real estate lawyer is indispensable. For leases, you shouldn’t just sign whatever document the landlord gives you.

Carefully review all incidental costs and responsibilities, such as utilities, property tax, insurance and maintenance. For the purchase of a new place, do thorough due diligence. This could include getting environmental and building condition assessments, getting an appraisal, requesting a title search, and reviewing vendor documents, such as past utility and repair bills.

Have a Timeline Defined

Work with employees to come up with a timeline for the transition. The timeline could include time for doing renovations, moving assets, setting up office space, buying new furniture or equipment, and ensuring effective marketing of your new address. Also, decide who will be responsible for each task. It can help to put specific people in charge of the overall transition.

Do have an Inventory

You may want to build up extra inventory before the move in order to have enough stock on hand to ensure an uninterrupted supply for production needs and clients. There are certain objects that need to be procured afresh for the new place as the previous objects may not in a position to be utilized in the new office. Setting up a requisite inventory will be helpful.

Do have a Buffer Time

Transitions and relocations at times take longer than expected. Businesses typically underestimate production downtime during the move, and renovations commonly cost more than budgeted. Businesses fail to understand the actual disruption of the movement and some transitions can even take weeks before everything is running smoothly and other relocations may take months. So, it will be good to budget sufficient buffer time for relocation.

Retaining Workspace and Effective Communication

One tip that seems to have worked for many businesses during movement, is to consider maintaining both spaces—the current and new one—for a short time and moving objects and inventory in a manner that the work scheduled is not disturbed. Also, throughout the transition, good communication with employees, customers and suppliers is key. Talk to them early about the move, so you can head off any issues before there is any disruption in the business.

Following these useful and wise steps will help ensure smooth relocation to a new place. You can feel free to consult our experts for any guidance required for the relocation of businesses and we will be happy to help you in your endeavours based on your expectations.

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