We specialize house movers Calgary. We are Expert in Junk removal and cleanout/cleanup service specifically focused on assisting residential customers. We work hours that facilitate the customer’s schedule and needs. Service available 7 days a week.

We will remove all general house items, furniture, yard waste, appliances, construction material, and almost all other items found in a home. Come to visit Calgary professional movers. We are also available to conduct demolition and cleanup.

We cannot dispose of the following items: 

Aerosol cans, Animals, Antifreeze, Asbestos, Batteries, Chemical products, Computers, Contaminated oils, Fluorescent tubes, Food Waste, Hazardous Waste, Herbicides & pesticides, Lubricating/hydraulic oil,best movers in Calgary, Medical waste, Motor oil, Oil filters, Other flammable liquids, Paint, Propane tanks, Radioactive material, Railroad ties, Solvents, Tires, Transmission oil, and TVs.