Are you thinking about changing the look up in your home? We provide in-house moving services in Calgary which include rearranging the furniture, electronics, or bringing in items from the garage. We understand that you work hard and don’t always have the time. We know that rearranging furniture or moving furniture from one side of the house to another can be a headache, especially if you haven’t faced it before. Our professional residential moving company in Calgary is here to help you get the job done. We take the necessary measures to protect your valuables no matter where it is going.

In-house moving services usually consist of:

  • Moving furniture and/or dismantling & reassembling it
  • Relocation of your belongings from one room to another
  • Preparing your home or condo/apartment for selling
  • Clearing space for a special event or party.
  • Wanting to make a specific room look bigger

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House Moving
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