Guidance, walk-trough and payment

The customer or his representative must be present during the move at all times. We need your guidance! It is customer’s responsibility to do a final “walk-through” of the premises to ensure we have taken everything. Our time runs continuously until all tools and equipment are back in the truck and payment is completed. Having your cash or credit/debit card ready will save you time and money, we also accept E-transfer. Please note: we do not accept cheques unless you are a company/business. For the credit card payment your name and name on the credit card should match. We charge 3% convenience fee for this service.

Long distance moves

We require cash, money order or e-transfers at the time of delivery for any balance due on long-distance moves. If you wish to pay using a credit or debit card you must inform us prior to your delivery and make appropriate arrangements with our office. We charge 3% convenience fee for this service. The delivery drivers for long-distance moves cannot process/accept any forms of payment other than cash, money order or E-transfer. For all long distance moves we require 10% deposit to secure crew and truck for your move, another 40% due at the pick up time and 50% balance due at the delivery before unloading.


If Fine Homes Services is only providing loading or unloading services, we are not responsible for any damages, which may occur in transporting the furniture and is released of all liability after loading the truck prior to unloading. We are only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.

Payment for local move

For local moves, you must pay in full at completion of the job. Unless otherwise arranged, payment for local moves is due at the end of the job by cash, E-tranfer, Debit or VISA/MC/AMEX. If you wish to pay by credit card, we charge 3% convenience fee.

Refrigerator move

We only move empty freezers/refrigerators. Please empty the contents for safe moving.

Dresser Drawers, File Cabinets, Desk Drawers

Please empty all dresser drawers, file cabinets and desk drawers. Remember that the furniture will have to be lifted and carried, so if it’s overstuffed and extra heavy it will be more difficult to handle. If the furniture will have to be navigated through challenging obstacles, like a winding staircase, it’s usually best to remove everything, even the drawers, as it may be necessary to flip the furniture on its side or upside-down to get it through.

Last minute change of service

If the move requires work above and beyond the original order for services, Fine Homes Services reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work. For example, you have originally ordered services for two (2) rooms move only. On the day of the move you adding additional rooms to move, not mentioned at the time of request, additional pick-ups/drop offs etc., which will significantly increase total move time. In order to make our schedule on time for the next move, we reserve the right to postpone additionally requested services till our next availability and/or after completion of other jobs that day.

Weather conditions

Fine Homes Services reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time, without liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to heavy/freezing rain, snow emergency, storm warning, weather travel ban etc.