Activities to be Completed Prior to Relocation

There are times when you might be planning to move to a new location. There might be another scenario when the lease might be up and there would be thought of going in for something larger, more affordable, or with a better location. Moving your business from one place to another is about more than just packing up the truck and signing a lease.

We as professionals in this field are aware of the formalities and bring our customers up to speed on what needs to be done in these scenarios. We are the best movers in Calgary and ensure that our customers are well informed about all steps.

If you rely on local search, or mobile search, to bring visitors and customers to your location, then moving without having a plan to update your address or phone number can cost more than you may be saving by relocating.

The following are the steps that will come in handy when planning for moving from one location to another.

Changing the Physical Address on Online Portals/Websites

The change is required on sites like Google Places, Yelp, Chamber of Commerce information, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, and more such sites that require updating.  This is pretty time intensive but needs completion. Imagine potential customers ending up in front of empty storefront due to the incorrect address and phone numbers, this is nothing but lost revenue.

When the new address is shared it will be good to ensure the usage of normal addresses that Google, the post office, and other address entities are able to recognize. 

Try to Retain the Phone Number

If you are forced to get a new number because you travelled a great distance, be sure you can keep your old number and get the calls forwarded to the new number. This can help to redirect customers to your new location in an easy way.

Bring Government up to speed

The government needs to know as well about your movement, hence update your name, address, phone and other pertinent information with the licensing and taxing authorities in your state.

Update Address on all Marketing Brochures, artifacts and Collaterals

Your website, email marketing templates, email signature, business cards need to be updated. In addition, do ensure informing the marketing company about your movement.

Update the Search Campaigns for Which you are Making Payment

If you’re running paid advertising campaigns and you’re focusing on a local market, it is advisable to update your physical address. Wrong addresses send customers to incorrect locations that can be a painful loss for the business.

Inform Friends and other Contacts about your Relocation

This is an important step to be taken as we need to ensure all our contacts and friends are aware of our moving from one place to the other. Just imagine a wedding invitation of a close friend’s child being sent to your old address in place of the new. Of course, you would want to avoid such a situation!

Update Citations

Beyond the local directory listings, it’s worth updating as many local citation websites as possible. Do search your address and see for required address changes on leading online directories as these are the places requiring immediate address change. Inconsistent phone numbers across numerous websites can impact your local ranking.

Updating Social Media Websites is also Very Important

Do visit social media portals and make the necessary changes as you may deem fit, especially on leading sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You will likely have to update some other locations, depending on your business. It is recommended that clients make sure each employee has a sheet with the normalized name, address, and phone number for the business that they are required to use whenever they create a new account, listing, profile, etc online.

This can help address many queries, prevent suite or abbreviation errors, and bring consistency in managing the data for a long-term perspective. You can approach us as a leading business mover and house movers in Calgary and we will do the needful for you at attractive prices.

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