5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Calgary Alberta

Calgary is located in the sunny eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Canada. The city is a major urban center for the entire southern half of the Alberta province and it is surrounded by one of the best natural beauties of Canada. For those who do not know, Calgary is ranked as the most liveable city in the World from the year 2009 to 2017, and in 2018, the city became the fourth most liveable city in the world. In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 things that you should know before you move to the city.

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Calgary

1 AlbertaTransactional Costs Are Low

Since the 1930’s, the province of Alberta has not had a provincial sales tax props to the thriving oil industry. Not only that, foreign investors do not pay a tax and there are also no land transfer taxes, only a registration fee of $50 plus $1 for each $5000. This factor has helped the city of Calgary to become an ideal place to buy land and a house.

Moving to Calgary Alberta

2 Diverse

The widespread diversity in the city of Calgary has resulted in over 140 languages being identified to have been spoken. Wherever you go in Calgary, the chances are pretty high that you will hear someone speaking a different language.

3 The Real Estate Market Is Good

In the year 2017, the home prices in Calgary fell in a huge way, which made a lot of houses to sell at a price everyone will be happy with. This is extremely good for investors and people that are looking to live in the fourth-best city to live in the world.

4 Access To Everything

Calgary has its own international airport, which is known as the Calgary International Airport, and it has one of the best universities in Canada. The city has a huge IT industry, a good education system, and hospitals. Not only that there are parks for kids!

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5 Calgarians

 The population of Calgary is young, community-minded, well educated, generous, well paid, diverse, and entrepreneurial. As individuals, the citizens of Calgary are known to support the diverse community of the city. The main goal of the residents of Calgary is to sustain its economic, environmental, educational, health, and social services in the best way so it can be benefited by the generation that is to come.

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